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              Dolphins in Shedd's Oceanarium leap into the air above Whale Harbor, reaching heights of up to six feet.

              Abbott Oceanarium

              Watch dolphins soar and play while you take in the stunning view of Lake Michigan in the Abbott Oceanarium! Home to Shedd's marine mammals, the Oceanarium is where belugas play, otters dive and sea lions bark, surrounded by a beautiful indoor forest. Join us throughout the day for aquatic presentations featuring our Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales.

              • The tail of a pacific white-sided dolphin forms a flat half-moon shape, the inner curve of the moon gently puckered toward the center.


                Our experts share some of the amazing adaptations of dolphins during our?.

              • Beluga whale Kayavak opens her mouth to vocalize above the water.


                Beluga whales chirp and call across Secluded Bay—hear why they're called "the canaries of the sea."

              • Purple sea urchins are covered in short, thick spikes and long, thin filaments used to sense their environment.


                Discover the diverse life in the Pacific Northwest, from colorful urchins to remarkable sea stars.

              Discover a magnificent ecosystem

              The Abbott Oceanarium immerses you in the vibrant coastal ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest. As you stroll along the coast, encounter beluga whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, sea lions and sea otters. You'll also find colorful fishes and invertebrates that make their home where freshwater flows into the ocean, or where tides turn seascapes to landscapes and back again each day.

              Aquatic presentation

              Sit back and enjoy our every day. See the Today at Shedd schedule for exact presentation times.

              You can also join us for our daily?animal chats!