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              Open 10 am - 5 pm
              Rescued sea otter pup Ellie chews on sustainably sourced clams, one of otters' favorite treats.
              A filet of salmon is elegantly arranged on a plate with a fig and mushrooms. The salmon was made at Shedd and sourced sustainably.

              We act at many levels

              Using the findings of our field researchers in the Caribbean and Bahamas, Shedd can advance strong, science-based recommendations for fisheries management and sustainability efforts. That includes working with our conservation partners to establish management approaches that will help depleted fish populations recover.

              Closer to home, we've been featuring sustainable seafood on our menu for as long as we've had a food service, and we've built a strong base of restaurant partners doing the same. Taking advantage of cooking demonstrations on site and recipes posted on line, our members and guests have become our best advocates for sustainable seafood choices.

              Make a healthy choice for animals

              Choosing sustainable and responsibly sourced seafood is one of the most direct actions you can take to help the same aquatic species that bring you to Shedd and to protect the health of our oceans and lakes. Each of us can be a culinary conservationist by supporting healthy oceans and abundant marine life through what we choose to put on our plates.

              What steps can you take?