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              Working together for a plastic-free future

              Though we are faced with unprecedented challenges, the Shedd team remains committed to tackling plastic pollution for the long-term and we bet you are too.

              Together, we can stop the flow of plastics into our lakes, oceans and rivers to protect the animals and people that call these places home. Together, Let’s Shedd Plastic.

              We are partnering with restaurants to reduce single-use plastics in their operations, provide learning opportunities for their staff, and collectively advocate for better policies and build more sustainable systems. We are also working with policymakers, businesses, school and scout groups, community leaders and many others to tackle plastic pollution from every angle.

              Through these collaborations, we will work together to continuously take action to prevent plastic pollution for wildlife and for humans alike

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              Plastic and foam debris floats in the waters of Lake Michigan, visible from the edge of a pedestrian path bordering the lake along Chicago's skyline.
              A conch shell sits on a shallowly submerged beach in the Bahamas littered with plastic pollution.

              “There are many sources of plastic pollution so there are many solutions available to us.”

              Jaclyn Wegner, director of conservation action

              We can make a?difference

              Collectively, our everyday actions can make a difference and demonstrate a demand for big changes to protect aquatic wildlife and people.

              For individuals

              • Refuse single-use plastic items like cutlery with your carry-out meals and support businesses that are using or developing plastic-free alternatives.
              • Opt for reusables! Check out Shedd’s gift shop if you need a travel mug or tote bag and sign the petition to bring Dispatch Goods' reusable food packaging?to Chicago's restaurants.
              • Raise your voice! Contact elected officials, local businesses and your community. Ask them to join us in working toward a plastic-free future.
              • Restore local aquatic habitats by joining one of Shedd Aquarium’s Action Days. We’ll pick up litter or remove invasive plants that pose another threat to local wildlife.
              • Nominate a local?restaurant to become a?Let's Shedd Plastic?collaborator. Email [email protected] with?the restaurant's name, city and state.?

              For businesses

              Become a Let's Shedd Plastic business collaborator!?Do you represent a restaurant or business? Join our growing alliance of plastic reduction collaborators! Email us at [email protected] with the following information to become a Let's Shedd Plastic business collaborator:

              • Your name
              • Email address
              • Restaurant or business name
              • Your role
              • Restaurant or business' zip code
              • What support you're looking for and why you want to join

              Learn more about our efforts